Start of the season 2017/18 Back Yard Austria

Backyard is a place where for the first time, and the heart feels that returned home.
Mountain hut, full of relaxation and human emotions; the remains of the mountain activities.
Freeriding is a process. This component of many elements, moments, places, people …
Mountain massif Hintertux, where we act on this trip is an amazing area. Training, which we want to go with you not necessarily be a nice snowboard or ski fun. But the effect of off-piste is not only fun. It is the responsibility for each step, turn, act …


Report Yacht & Freeride.

Nature. Emotions. Freedom ..
Time is. It’s going on, it’s changing, it does not change much about it.
The hour invariably has long been 60 minutes and week. Here comes the human factor – quite buzzing sound.
If somehow man is able to distort the time, then subjectively we have succeeded. Man despite lack of comfort, probably fatigue, often pain, uncertainty, fear and lust of nature. Social Isolation is the piece of life when we laugh not at being suggestive of the things we laugh at, not out of the ones that should. Free resources of unknown emotions, which have no names. It’s like walking around, breathing, craving …
The Northern Expedition is obviously too strong a claim. The man falls in hypocrisy, living in the world of supermarkets, loans, schemes ..
We would like to face the challenges; With unattainable, breaking Continue reading

Yacht & Freeride Camp.

PROGRES Team has started a new adventure.
Freeride & Yacht Camp it’s on.
Combination of sailing with snowboarding / skiing, intact and spectacular Alps lying on a peninsula surrounded by fjords. Lyngen Alps are located 300 km inside the Arctic Circle. Unique and unpolluted nature. Excursions to the mountains
After a full day of snowboarding / skiing we will prepare a warm meal. Meals are prepared jointly by the crew. Most nights we spend in the ports – usually next door is a fish processing plant – so we have the chance of fresh cod at a very affordable price (usually 70NOK / fish – about 15pln / kg). Large purchases are made in Tromso.
Routes are planned carefully, taking into account weather conditions, participants’ skills and avalanche risk assessment.
Organization of the program for both beginners and experienced snowboarders / skiers. We offer tours every day, from 5 to 10 hours. Tours begin with the ship.

Split Camp for intermediate – Tatras 24-26.03.

Edition for intermediate level in the Tatras 24/25 / 26.03.
PROGRAM TEAM invites you to the extended splitboard workshop. Lectures and practical safety exercises during approaches, assurances, conventions and actions in emergencies. Specialized equipment, avalanche and splitboard for the price.
Details here:

Split Camp vol. 4

Recreational approach and avalanche training in the field to part of the relaxation no longer belong.
Get acquainted with equipment in the snow.
Simulated rescue action.
Dumplings in a hostel and a roadster down.
Dynamic congress, practically to the car park. Snow still quite a lot though the quality leaves a lot to be desired. Waiting for the fresh fall we finish the next (already fourth) edition of SplitCamp.

Report India Freeride Camp – Cashmere.

Zywiec – Gulmarg – Zywiec.
Several thousand kilometers, 7 flights, more than 100 hours traveling. It was worth it. Despite the slipping of the ABS cylinder, the Asian incessant “relaxation” is unacceptable to me, stress. It was worth it.
What we have experienced in those two weeks will be with us. I have long wondered whether to write this sentence …
So it was the best freeride trip of my previous life.
Altitude, enormity, weather, snow condition, stable conditions, snow quality, slope, line length …

Connecting even in one line many aspects (rocks, rare birch -45-50 degrees slope). Innovation. For the first time I drove so untouched so huge and so steep walls go to the gully. Amazing feeling – giving you a sense of security. Spaces and huge fir trees in great distances. A shrill, pierced birch in a white paper forest. Technical traverse, not belonging to pleasant and nice. But for such a “fruit basket” you have to pay some money. I will make a departure line of 700m excess, 1500m from start to stop without stopping. Blue curtains Continue reading

Report, Romania – Heli.

Hmm … a lot of luck. These are the first two words that brought thoughts. How else to write when going to the mountains for 5 snow days, and each of them brings full blue, absolute visibility and contrast and undisturbed aura. Even at peak heights of our activities 2200mnpm. / 2300mnpm. nothing. The only wind I experienced during this trip was motor vehicle mobility, snowmobile and helicopter.
Something unique to the set of weather to add snow conditions, which, despite the lack of obvious in these areas have proved to be the complement of HeliCamp and our search for fresh snow. Master.
Despite the lack of good days, our “local team”, guide and pilot were on task. The first day just after breakfast, the lift fired just for us and a three-hour training panel. However, the route goes through the prism of consecutive days – that is, mountain activities, off the track. We always want to know the people with whom we are supposed to act. Based on these trainings, we define helicopter panels and leaders of helicopter groups / PROGRES Team Riders. This time it was Angel PL, Jesus PL, Jurgen A. Continue reading